What to Wear for a Punk Party

Punk as a style has provoked so many young people’s interest. Since the punk movement reached its heyday in the 1970s, more and more people join in this group.The distinctive look of punk attracted many, with ripped clothing, safety pins and mohawk hairstyles becoming a familiar sight. People looking to create the punk style for a party can choose from a variety of looks. Here I will focus on the tops and the pants you could choose for a punk party.
punk clothing

punk clothing

punk clothing
No matter it is a woman or a man, the shirt with or without sleeves. And the added banner of some alternative prints makes it look perfect and classic. The banners could use the album cover for the punk music or the band and the skull or skeleton prints.
To complete the punk look, a pair of pants plays an important role. There are mainly two kinds of pants that people love to put on in the punk parties, the fitted leather and bondage trousers. These have a decorative style involving plenty of zippers, straps and chains, with many also featuring a distressed, ripped look. Options for bondage trousers include a single color style, as well as a plaid, tartan look. Alternative ideas for punk-style pants include tight, stretch jeans in indigo or black. Girls also have the option of wearing a short plaid skirt, matching this with ripped, fishnet stockings.
According what I mentioned above, you will have a classic and attractive look in the punk parties. I hope it will helpful for you.

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