Tassels and Net Designs in Punk Fashion

Punk is a living spirit. It symbolizes an attitude towards life and other people. For some punk, punk spirit means saying no to modern consumerism and other modern lifestyle. For more of other people, punk could only mean a vague concept, something you could never explain.

However, punk fashion is a much broader idea. You can see lots of punk ideas and concepts when you walk outside. Punk elements have also been adapting by various fashion designers and fashionista onto almost all kinds of clothing.

Black Spider Web Long Punk T-Shirt for Women

Tassels and net desgins used to be seen as a symbol of luxury and sexiness. You could hardly argue about that they violate the idea of punk spirit because these two makes a perfect effect together. Punk symbolizes a kind of free spirit but for a punk lover as well as a fashionlista, you cannot possibly ask him or her to wear rags and any old pieces. Under this circumstances, tassels and nets help a lot by adding to the punk idea some other ingrediants like some feminine color and some little sexiness.
Truly stunning, isn’t it? 


Green Day, Leader of Punk Rock

As the launching of the third Transformer movie around the world, the theme song “21 guns” becomes more and more popular. The strong rhythm and intense style impressed a lot of the audience. Compared with other pop songs, this song has very unique features. This is a Green Day song, which is a hot punk rock band nowadays around the globe.

Green Day is being called as “Punk Revivlist” and has been constantly compared to first wave punk bands. This punk rock band exprienced a lot of transformation during the former years. It was founded in 1982 in California. During the developmental period, there were many ups and downs, among which the members even ended the band and started their own career with other partners. The band currently consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Amstrong, bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt, drummer Tre Cool and guitarist and backing vocalist Jason White. In such a multi-featured musical world full of singers and dancers who has very specially strong individual features, Green Day is a real punk rock purist.


Punk Footwear

To be a qualified Punk, one has to say no to the big corporations, industrial products and even modern lifestyle that common people get used to. Living a punk lifestyle sometimes means that you would not accept the private transport whenever it’s possible which means that a you must be in need of a long-lasting pair of shoes. There are several choices you could make and several things you need to keep in mind when choosing your punk style shoes.

First of all you have to avoid shoe brands. For punks, commercialism and materialism is totally unforgivable. Therefore, do not mess up with this fundamental rules. There are punk styled shoes with top design that you might be interested in, but do not just buy them without a second thought because they might come from some big corporations. For your information, thrift stores might be a good place for you to buy cheap shoes and boots, and what is important is that then you don't have to think about whether your money is going to a multinational corporation or not. 


Punk Style Dress ----- Stylish and Sexy

Punk is a spirit as well as a style of dressing. Mostly when we think about punk style dressing, we think about the rivet, the stripped jeans as well as those crazy hairstyles. As for those punk dressing designed for females, you can find those mad rocker style as well as some other well-designed mixed-style clothing. Those are some of the recommended dresses with very creative design and great popularity.

Black Sexy Gothic Punk Rock Dress

This piece of black sexy gothic punk rock dress has many great features and designs. It is completed by cool rivets and fur designs on the shoulders. It has a sexy gothic punk look and is made of black cotton and leather fabric. The halter neckline with cool rivets is an unique feature of this dress. Besides, there is delicate fur on the shoulders. The design also has reticular on scapulas, which makes it very sexy and special. The whole body part has a sexy sheath silhouette and on the back of the dress there has a zipper on it for the convenience of the customer.