Punk Footwear

To be a qualified Punk, one has to say no to the big corporations, industrial products and even modern lifestyle that common people get used to. Living a punk lifestyle sometimes means that you would not accept the private transport whenever it’s possible which means that a you must be in need of a long-lasting pair of shoes. There are several choices you could make and several things you need to keep in mind when choosing your punk style shoes.

First of all you have to avoid shoe brands. For punks, commercialism and materialism is totally unforgivable. Therefore, do not mess up with this fundamental rules. There are punk styled shoes with top design that you might be interested in, but do not just buy them without a second thought because they might come from some big corporations. For your information, thrift stores might be a good place for you to buy cheap shoes and boots, and what is important is that then you don't have to think about whether your money is going to a multinational corporation or not. 

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