Tassels and Net Designs in Punk Fashion

Punk is a living spirit. It symbolizes an attitude towards life and other people. For some punk, punk spirit means saying no to modern consumerism and other modern lifestyle. For more of other people, punk could only mean a vague concept, something you could never explain.

However, punk fashion is a much broader idea. You can see lots of punk ideas and concepts when you walk outside. Punk elements have also been adapting by various fashion designers and fashionista onto almost all kinds of clothing.

Black Spider Web Long Punk T-Shirt for Women

Tassels and net desgins used to be seen as a symbol of luxury and sexiness. You could hardly argue about that they violate the idea of punk spirit because these two makes a perfect effect together. Punk symbolizes a kind of free spirit but for a punk lover as well as a fashionlista, you cannot possibly ask him or her to wear rags and any old pieces. Under this circumstances, tassels and nets help a lot by adding to the punk idea some other ingrediants like some feminine color and some little sexiness.
Truly stunning, isn’t it? 

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