Punk Girl: Tyler Momsen

Punk is a style but it is more a style. It is more of an attitude towards life. We often fancy the style of many big shot fashion icon like it girl Blake Lively, Lady GaGa and even Adele. However, we did not realize that their style comes not only from their stylist but also from the fashion attitudes they hold, something from the inner side. Punk is no exception. Among those floral girls, Tyler Momsen, the outstanding punk princess has a unique position as a fashion icon. It is no denial that Tyler has never been seen as a good kid but she does create her own fashion attitude.

Garter belt, fishnet, torn stockings, smoky eyes, and somewhat a little messy hair are gradually becoming Tylers’ icons. She reveals her punk attitude in her dressing and though caused a lot of judgment, she is now well-accepted around the world. You may not like this crazy little girl, but you got to admit that she does have a punk style no others could compare. Love her or hate her, she insists on being herself!

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