Learn from Taylor Momsen to be a Punk Girl

When talking about punk style clothing, I have to mention Taylor Momsen. Many heard of her because of Gossip Girl. I like her styles in this drama, looks really cool and amazing.
Taylor Momsen's makeup
You want to dress like a punk girl, then you should keep in mind that the makeup must be suitable with your punk style. As for Taylor, she loves smoky eyes and red lips.
Taylor Momsen's punk attire
She always choose garters to match the whole gothic look. Garters are always a good choice for you to look sexy.
Black Sexy Gothic Punk Rock Dress
Black Sexy Gothic Punk Rock Dress
This gothic punk dress match with fishnets, like garters, in order to build a sexy punk look.
Taylor Momsen's punk look
Not only the dress, but also the makeup, accessories, heels are all important to your punk attire.

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