Punk Girls Rock with Wild

The famous photographer Damon Baker took some pictures of rock punk. Nice girls dress in cowboy shirts and skirts with metal decorations or tights with ragged knit skirts. Their make-up look a little dirty and traitorous, their hair is untidy. But they show us how they rock with wild.
punk 1
The following are some wonderful styles, punk girls can copy their styles.
punk 2
In my opinion, the hair style is easy to make, you'd better not comb your hair when you get up, haha! The shirt with several keyholes looks modern and punk. Special designs on the pants make you unique and punk!
punk 3
In my opinion, this style look luxury and sexy. Nice fur makes you warm and elegant, is she a princess in fairy tales? Special material look a little transparent and delicate print make you sexy and mysterious!

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