Avril: the Punk Princess

Avril has her own understanding of music, she is so gifted and charming that young people all around the world all like her! Many girls like copy her style and here I want to share some with you!
This picture looks quite rock! Black loose T-shirt with sparkly accents, short black pants and blue fishnet stockings are perfect matches! Look at her hat, isn’t her a cute witch? Of corse, black eyeshadows are important, too!
punk 1
This one seem quite fresh! White vest and khaki match give us a clear look! The black long trousers make her slim and attractive! Black shoes look modern and unique!
punk 2
Knee length pants are rare seen in the street, but Avril gives us a new feeling! It makes her cool together with striped shirt! Then a pair of sunglasses adorns her perfectly and expresses punk in a short time!

punk 3

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