Changes in Punk Clothing

At current time, punk clothing is not so wild and it hugs many sweet elements, such as lace trims, ribbons, shining decorations and so on. To people who like punk style, more and more designs are created everyday.
punk girl
To girls, sexy and elegant designs are new favorites. Jackets with buckles can match sparkly skirts or a modern shirt with a badge can be put up with Scottish skirt. In addition, belts on thighs are popular choice too!
nice punk girl
To boys, punk style is mixed with yuppie life. Complicate match of clothing and perfect usages of zippers will make you modern and new. Of course, punk colors can be used, such as black, red and white. Just be creative!
Black and Red Gothic Punk Dress
Black and Red Gothic Punk Dress
Fashions are changing all the time. You can learn from them and create your own style!
cute punk girl

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