Be a Punk Leader in Early Autumn

Autumn is coming and you need to buy new clothes. Do you want to change your style? Do you want to be a punk leader? Come on, here are some tips!
punk girl
To me, I don’t like real punk clothing for their rock and vintage look. I prefer to common clothing with punk elements. Just as what we can see in the picture, a blouse full of delicate floral embroideries and specially designed skirt are wonderful matches. A vintage bag and a pair of leather shoes are good choices, too!
nice punk girl
Punk can be gentle too! You can pink up a white blouse made of soft cotton and a vintage skirt. Grey leggings and shoes with classic punk elements make you unique and modern. You can be a quite punk girl with bold punk factors.
Do you still think that punk means rock and black? Just wait and you will find more.

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